the beginning...

Enniskillen has one general convenience store (very well known for its large ice cream cones) called the "Enniskillen General Store". This General Store was built in 1840 and was a Canada Post Office which developed into a general store for the needs of the community. Through the 1900s it also operated as a butcher shop. Customers would bring their cows to this shop where the butcher would cut and store the meat for them until they needed it. The store has a large meat locker located in the basement; this is still present today.

Lets fast forward a few decades.  

We are the Sheehan Family and we took over the store on April 8, 2014.  Most of my teenage years were riding my bike to the Enniskillen General Store to get Ice Cream.  Never did I think then, that along with my wife and family, we would buy this store.

We love running a small family business and we love all the smiles that Ice Cream brings to peoples faces!!  A couple years after buying it, I said to Jessie,  I want to open another Ice Cream location.  She said, "you're crazy, but lets do it"   

On July 13th, 2018, we opened location number 2 in Port Perry.  

Our Bowmanville location opened April 24, 2019. Stay tuned, I want to open another location!!

We've added many items to the store and now carry many cool items, home décor, cottage décor, unique Soda pops & Candies, 

Your ice cream store is so much more, since 1840


General Storeest. 1840